Zooming in on nervous patients


As many will agree, a huge barrier for nervous patients is making the first call, to get the ball rolling. The patient feels that the commitment for them starts in making that call, rather than what we often feel as dentists, that the commitment starts when they book for treatment. 

I’ve been working with a superb implant dentist and patient communicator today. As soon as lockdown hit he started doing Zoom consultations not just for triage, but also for new patients wanting complete dental rehab. He has picked up over 10 full mouth cases since doing the Zoom consultations. 

The patient in the chair is having a full mouth immediate implant treatment and was pretty nervous. Before we started we said –

“Got to tell you, the best thing so far has been the consultation over Zoom, not just to talk about treatment but also to see if you were my sort of dentist, after doing that I didn’t feel anything like as anxious. It really helped”. 

So great to hear that from a patient. Great to hear that something really works. 

So as providers of sedation what can we do to not only reduce patients anxieties but also to help patients become more qualified before they arrive at the practice?

At UKSedation we can easily set up a zoom meeting for our sedationists via our online booking system, giving patients some options as to when we are available. 

We can use that time to listen to their concerns, reassure and build some rapport. That way when the patient attends for treatment, consent is done and everyone is aware of what’s going to happen in the treatment session. 

It allows us to tailor our sedation offering to the patient a lot more, and helps the patient feel more relaxed when they actually come in for treatment. 

If you are interested in having a UKSedation provide sedation at your practice, just register your practice and hopefully we can help.

If you are a sedation trainee dentist interested in joining UKSedation, have a look at our licensing website for more information.