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Midlands Dental Sedation Services
Terms of business
Updated July 2019

What do we provide?
Midlands Dental Sedation Services (MDSS) provides IV Adult Sedation with Midazolam for healthy patients (ASA 1 and 2) in the Midlands area.

Our registered address is 73 Clarendon Street, Leamington Spa CV32 4PN.

We are contactable via our website www.midlandsdentalsedation.co.uk or email midlandssedation@gmail.com.

A message can also be left on the MDSS answerphone on 07968737364.

We provide a practice registration system on our website to ensure we can visit your practice.

We aim that 99% of all queries via email are answered within 1 hour.

Most of the sedation is carried out by Dr Rob Endicott BDS GDC 73516. There may be occasions due to availability where an alternative sedation provider may be supplied. If that is the case we will give you as much notice as possible along with details of who they are.

Our normal hours of working are 8.00 till 6.00pm, any appointments like to fall outside of those times need to be arranged in advance via email.

All sedation equipment and medication is provided by MDSS including an oxygen cylinder and nasal cannulae in case of emergencies or supplemental oxygen being required.

All pertinent information about the logistics of delivery of sedation services can be found on the resources section of our website www.midlandsdentalsedation.co.uk

Sedation is charged at £230 for the first hour directly to the patient prior the procedure. Minimum time is one hour.
Over one hour, £100 per 30 mins is chargeable.
Arrangements can be set up with the practice for the practice to be billed rather than the patient but accounts require settling via BACS with 5 working days. Invoices will be provided in this case.

Our sedationists are either GDC or GMC trained and have appropriate indemnity insurance, copies available on request. They are also DBS enhanced checked and have up to date HepB immunity. Full a copy of the full Compliance pack just email us.

Data Protection
As health care professionals, all data protection and confidentiality rules are kept as if they were practitioners woking within the practice. No patient information is stored outside of the practice, anonymised records are kept digitally for audit purposes. No transfer of personal or treatment information is involved during bookings or via the website or email.

Our obligations
It is our obligation to ask any questions of the patient and the practice before we start the sedation.

We do not carry out any sedation if the patient is not suitable or not consented or who has not paid.

We will talk to the patient beforehand to run through the procedure and get final verbal consent and take payment.

We ensure that all our equipment is properly serviced and that all drugs and materials are within their expiry date.
We provide consent forms via our website and have hard copies with us in case one isn’t filled in.

In case of cancellations, we will notify you as soon as physically possible if a patient needs to be rearranged, with no less than 24 hours notice. As above, if we are able to arrange an alternative sedationist, we will inform you.

MDSS reserves the right to refuse treatment requests, e.g. for practice with late payment of bills. If any sessions are booked from such a practice, MDSS reserves the right to request overdue payment before the next session is honoured.

Your obligations

Booking and answering questions
It is the practices responsibility to ensure that the online booking form is filled in accurately, including the health status of the patient and whether they have consented.

Emergency Drugs and Oxygen
It is the practice responsibility to ensure that an oxygen cylinder is properly filled and serviced and freely available. The emergency drugs and equipment must also be complete and in date. If anything is found not to be suitable (as per CQC guidelines) treatment will not be provided and the practice will be billed for suitable travel expenses.

Proper time available
It is the practice responsibility to ensure that the patient can have a private 1 hour session minimum either in the chair, or the patent can be transferred to a private side room for recovery on the same floor as treatment (not waiting room).


If the patient or the practice needs to cancel, please give a minimum of 24 hours notice. If the appointment is not cancelled or the patient fails to attend, MDSS reserves the right to charge appropriate travel costs.


It is the dentists responsibility to ensure that a preoperative assessment is done, including but not limited to classification of their ASA status / suitability for sedation and that the patient has had all sedation and anxiety options explained to them, including therapy, inhalation sedation, IV sedation and General Anaesthetic. Midlands Dental Sedation Services come into play once the patient has chosen IV sedation.

The patient also needs to be informed about the need for an escort and not to be given any responsibility for the rest of the day.

It is the practice responsibility to ensure that the patient has the consent forms and is aware in writing of the fees for not just the treatment but the additional sedation as well. The patient needs to be aware that fees for treatment and sedation are payable in advance at least on the day as payment cannot be taken when they are under the influence of sedation.

If there are any questions at all, please first visit the website www.midlandsdentalsedation.co.uk and watch the dentist video in the resources section. Then you can contact us anytime at midlandssedation@gmail.com.

If you feel there is anything missing from these terms of service you feel is relevant, please do not hesitate to get in touch.