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We are delighted to announce that Dr Rob Endicott has been accepted on to the list of Approved Mentors by STAC at the Royal College of Surgeons.

The IASCD guidelines of 2105 advise that all sedation practitioners, dentists or nurses who have undergone didactic learning must carry out 20 IV cases under supervision and the supervisor must have the relevant experience and be approved.

The Royal College has set up a mentor approval process at

So at Midlands Dental Sedation Services we are delighted to launch or new Mentor Programme for new learners. If you require help completing cases, Rob can visit your practice and supervise both Dentist and Nurse in sedation an adult patient.

We have set up Work Placed Assessments to ensure that all aspects of the syllabus are covered before signing off the mentee.

If you want further details, simply get in touch at and we would be delighted to help.