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How to join UK Sedation as a license holder

Are you a Sedation trained dentist in the UK looking for a thriving business to own?

One that is low stress where you are in control?

Have you thought about an alternative career in Roving Conscious Sedation? 

Or would you like to work part time, alongside your regular dental commitment, enjoying  the benefits of visiting other practices, working with great teams and providing excellent sedation care for patients?

Or work part time with a view to full time sedation?

At UK Sedation, we can provide you with all the tools you need to offer and market a safe sedation service.

A service that’s designed to make life as easy as possible for practices and patients, reducing the barriers to entry for practices wishing to treat their patients in house, rather than always feeling like they have to refer away.

A business that is yours, without the need for a premises or staff?

UK sedation invites you to look at becoming a license holder. Read on!

Since its conception in Feb 2018, Midlands Sedation has been building a solid base of dental practice clients through a combination of direct marketing, social media presence, word of mouth and face to face meetings with dentists and support staff.

We started with zero patients and zero practices and spent time and effort building procedures, CQC compliance, mobile digital automated scheduling, accountancy and digital note writing systems.

The business grew into a 6 day a week full time career, to the point where more help was needed. We were aware as well of a fundamental shift in the provision of roving sedation dentistry, with more and more practices opting for the safest and most compliant treatment for their patients.

We decided that as the business grew, we could cover more areas of the country. We had done the hard work of building the business knowing what works, what dentists like (being a dentist myself helped!) and what support staff want. 

Practices love the ease of booking, the consistency, the quality of sedation, the reassurance of great diary management, the notes left for them after the treatment and the support and training that they get. They know that they are doing everything they can to ensure a safe and enjoyable treatment session for patients, whether they are having simple extraction or a full mouth reconstruction.

We’ve built a business we are proud of and want to share that with like minded dental colleagues who want to build their own business, their own network and a valuable asset for the future.

By joining us, you will gain access to a full complement of services and technologies that will allow you to operate your own Roving Sedation business.  These include:

  • Your own fully automated online diary integrated within that can also be embedded into your own website
  • A geographical area in which to work, normally within 90 minutes from your home, with flexibility to work outside that if the need arises
  • License holder sets the fees, minimum treatment length and the schedule. The operating manual sets out how I have achieved my figures working as above.
  • Access to the digital consent form and consent videos for patients.
  • Bespoke online record keeping software to keep good notes on your mobile device or computer.
  • A starter pack of paper consent forms, monitoring forms and post op instructions
  • A copy of the entire procedure manual for operating your sedation business
  • Video training to run alongside procedure manual
  • A licence holders only website for all your resources 
  • A full sedation Standard Operating Procedure ready to go that encompasses your values and the values of UKSedation.
  • A secure online compliance pack that you can share with the practices you work in, that has undergone CQC scrutiny.
  • Regular management of CQC compliance pack, including CPD reminders
  • Access to 7 days a week text and email support from Dr Rob Endicott, head of UK Sedation.
  • Fortnightly conference calls for the first three months
  • Monthly conference calls after that if required.
  • Access to patient information leaflets, reception leaflets, posters for practices
  • Generous starter pack of professional Marketing packs to send out to Dental Practices.
  • A contact list of 100 carefully selected practices within your area for direct marketing.
  • Benefit from our national marketing campaign
  • Assistance with setting up invoicing and accountancy systems or mobile PDQ machines for running yourself
  • OR use UK Sedation for your invoicing and book keeping at discounted rate
  • Assistance with purchasing full roving sedation kit if required, including help obtaining a private prescriber code
  • Help with in house design of personalised marketing materials, with preferential rates on printing through UK Sedation
  • Priority Featured Listing at
  • Free CPD content through
  • Assistance in becoming a STAC approved mentor


The License fee is £2995 initial payment, followed by 20% commission paid to UKSedation on every case completed.

Alternatively the full cost of the licence outright is £11,995 with ongoing maintenance fees of £40 per booking.

This can be spread out over the year, or over three years.

The license holder needs to have:

Valid and up to date GDC number 

Valid insurance for carrying out IV sedation

Hepatitis B immunity certificate

Up to date PDP and CPD log

Evidence of Sedation training

Each individual license can be bought with an initial investment, which can be spread into a payment plan. Benefit from owning a dental business based on goodwill, with no premises costs!

We can give you an idea of fees to charge, but you are in control of your own fees, hours, minimum treatment times, whatever suits you best.

Ongoing costs are met by taking a commission for every sedation booking.

What’s the next step? Why not book a Zoom meeting with Dr Rob Endicott to discuss. Please use the booking form below.