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What makes UK Sedation stand apart from other Roving Sedation Providers in the UK?

The first thing is our fully automated Online Booking System.

Practices, dentists and receptionists all agree that the easier life is for them, the more likely they are to use that service.

Traditionally, to book a sedation for a patient, someone needs to phone a provider or an individual, find out when they are free (when they do eventually get hold of them) and then book the patient around that. This often happens when the patient has already left the building.

We don’t do that, we allow the practices to be able to see when we are free online and book us at the same time as booking the patient in their own diary.

Quite often I am told that the dentist just says to the receptionist “Can you book sedation as well for Mr Jones” and then they get back to work. Job done, no stress or fuss.

The receptionist books the sedationist in front of the patient, and gets a confirmation email immediately. Plus a reminder 2 days before. They can cancel, reschedule, whatever they want all online. Of course we are always on the end of an email, WhatsApp or Facebook to be able to help if need be.

Its all linked in to your mobile device and bookings automatically appear in your own diary (iCloud or Gmail, or anything that can handle iCal files). Plus an email of the booking.

You set your days, your availability, your times, its all in your control. Got a holiday planned, just block it off on your phone!


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