Do I need ILS training?

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Safety of the patient is of course paramount in everything we do – all our dentist sedationists carry out regular ILS training, but what training does the dentist and nursing staff require?

The IACSD guidelines of 2020 state that all member of the dental team should have ILS training.

The Royal College FAQs state that:

Practitioners must be able to provide age-appropriate immediate life support as defined by the main elements of the Resuscitation Council (UK) ILS and PILS training programmes. It is not essential to undertake a Resuscitation Council (UK) accredited ILS/PILS course. Alternative courses with equivalent content which are adapted to the needs of dental practice are acceptable: these might also include the management of common sedation, medical and dental emergencies.”

The Resuscitation Council does not provide ILS certification for courses. PILS (Paediatric) is not relevant for the adult work UK Sedation carries out.

There are courses available for Management of Sedation Emergencies (a free one available on this website very soon!) and AED training should be part of your BLS training.

It is entirely up to the practice if they believe the staff have the appropriate up to date life support training, which satisfies  the Resus Council Syllabus on ILS.

An online ILS course is available on the Protrainings website at

UK sedation does not have any financial or other links to Protrainings and other courses are available.